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Someone from the corporate office should seriously consider a surprise visit and show up unannounced to see how things are really run at the Tinley Park location. Reply Good evening, my family and I went to the Chuck E Cheese located in Inglewood on La Tijera blvd.

When we received our pizza and our Giant Warm Cookie, we wanted to know if the waitress which happened to be the Store Manager Alyse could take the cookie back and bring it out later after we ate our Pizza.

Cheese in Port Orange, Florida and over heard the manager Megan refer to one of the workers as a nigger. The managers are not happy and lazy as if they don’t wanna work. Cheese #660 Sunday November 26th and the manager Alyssa was very nasty and racist!!!!

We have been going to Chuck E Cheese for many years. Reply I used to love it until I went to the Chuck E.

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I’m high functioning special Needs and I feel like I’m being Missed Treat by the manger Steve who runs the store in Glendale AZ . so I would like for the corporate office of chucky e cheese to look In To that chucky e cheese in Glendale Az off of 67 and bell rd.After waiting in line for over 20 minutes to buy tokens (which I found out had been switched to the “play pass- I get it, it was a Saturday, I expected it to be busy and expected to do some waiting). I brought my 2 sisters, my 2 boys, myself, and my father to celebrate the boys’ birthdays.The pony tailed girl working the register was very unfriendly and refused to answer my questions pertaining to the play pass, like for example, how it worked, and also refused to take my non-expired coupon emailed to me that was to allow my son 100 free tickets for his birthday. We ordered 2 large cheese pizzas with 4 drinks, set to come out at pm (when their dad arrived after work) At 715pm, I inquired about the food, and was told it was “never put in” by a second blonde, glasses wearing, male manager). Which we haven’t even started the party yet, but we said ok we will purchase cups. My uncle whom is over 60 yrs old put soda in a water cup (not knowing we bought over 8 cups) so she was really NASTY with us about the cup, her body language and tone was very unprofessional! Then later on a 5yr old from our party lost his cup at a game, so he took a water cup and shared some juice with another kid (which came from a paid cup and was poured into the water cup) Alyssa watched our party the entire time we were there and she then ran over again with her NASTY attitude and was so rude about taking the child’s cup to throw away ! For just under our grandkids walked out with a bag of cotton candy a plastic beetle and other assoryed low-tiered ‘prizes.’ Not enough bang for the buck. Brought the grand children for the lunch buffet and some playtime. When I said something to the manager about this I got rude and disrespectful attitudes from both of them. I spent on lunch for two children and one adult and on play passes. (Which our whole 3 hours we were there no one uses the table) so we moved to the smaller side table and we decorated it and she then came up and said to make sure we don’t use any outside cups to fill up with soda. The lower-tiered ‘prizes’ are cheaply made and not relative to the number of tickets paid to get them. Seems to me they’d draw more customers if they either cut the ‘prizes’ to about 1/3 of what they are now and increase the ticket payouts.

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