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Following his parents divorce young Jared's (Charles Henry Wyson) life is turned upside down when they move half way across the country to live with his Gran Louise (Stefanie Powers) whilst his mum Dana (Lori Loughlin) starts a new job.Struggling with a new school Jared finds himself making a friend in Sgt.The good news is that whilst the various characters all border on being too nice it is well cast.Johnny Messner delivers the decency of Vince quite well and Lori Loughlin delivers the concern of a single mum even if it is a bit of a cliche.And over emphasized is a common theme with Vince being a real "yes Mam" sort of guy who hasn't got a nasty bone in his body as he is so understanding.As I said "Soldier's Love Story" does lack subtlety and at times it borders on being too much.She attended Northeastern Christian College and then Temple University for her higher education.

As such "Soldier's Love Story" does leave you feeling conflicted because whilst its heart is in the right place the lack of subtlety makes it corny in paces.

And unexpectedly he also finds himself dating Dana although both agree that when he gets his next posting they will call it a day. Taken on face value "Soldier's Love Story" is a simple romance drama between a single mum and a divorced soldier who having been cheated on whilst serving abroad has no plans of going through the heartbreak and risk of falling in love again.

You know how this will end up especially when this is a TV movie made to make you feel good but it is a pleasant story.

But then "Soldier's Love Story" is a movie which is not only meant to be wholesome and charming but also one which delivers a message.

In fact that should be several messages built around the theme that God has a plan for us which may not be what we are planning.

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