Who is javine hylton dating

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Problems began to surface when the R&B girl band Mis-Teeq broke up and Alesha began to pursue her own career independently of the other members."Being with two girls every day of your life for seven years can be hard," Harvey says. I'd left So Solid and gone solo and Alesha could see what success was.

Then, she was doing her third Mis-Teeq album and the music didn't sound right. ' Because I'm an honest freak, I don't mix my words. That's why we still get on."Harvey, though, wanted children and wanted them before he was 30.

"I flew to Sweden where she was on tour because I knew I loved this girl," he says. I went down on one knee, the whole romantic thing, and she said yes, thank God.

She was crying with happiness."Scroll down for more... It was silly things, things like who was going to wear that outfit.

"I was on a plane flying back from Newcastle when I read her brother's story. "I said: 'Look past him because karma will take care of him.'Scroll down for more..."When I got home, Javine had seen the article and said: 'Did you speak to her?

The excitable Italian choreographer Bruno Tonioli says she's "a goddess", "perfection". They were two kids, born the wrong side of the track, who found fame and riches with R&B bands Mis-Teeq and So Solid Crew. I cried my eyes out and my best man, Premiership footballer Sean Davis, was crying too. "There are times I need to reflect on my life - look back and try and understand why I made a mistake.

They were reportedly caught in bed at Javine's house by her boyfriend Karl 'KG' Gordon, who immediately phoned Alesha. ' The real story is that Javine's ex saw my car outside the house and told Alesha I was seeing Javine. Scroll down for more..."I could have lied, but I didn't want to be in the marriage anymore. "I've performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people, presented national television, I've done films with Hollywood actors, but this was ten times worse, telling her I'd slept with another woman. I didn't have a clue what I wanted."Harvey speaks with astonishing honesty.

Scroll down for more..."These are all the things I want to clear up right now," says Harvey. "Javine's ex decided to make a quick buck and he never loved her because you don't make money against your girlfriend. "I knew I loved someone else and my heart was gone from my home. He continues to feel deeply for his estranged wife.

She's with him when we meet in his agent's office in the West End.

There's an overwhelming warmth and understanding between them.

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