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She helped Harding take care of Ian Malcolm's injuries after he was rescued.During the final power outage, Sattler used herself as bait and distracted a number of Velociraptors trying to get into the Safari Lodge. She was described in the script as: Ellie in her late twenties, athletic-looking.During the tour, Sattler helped solve this problem of what was ailing the park's Stegosaurus.She then took the Jeep with Gerry Harding and Donald Gennaro to the Visitors' Center.Once they returned to the park, Ellie gave Malcolm a dose of morphine and tried to convince John Hammond that the park wasn't viable because the creatures were uncontrollable.After Ray Arnold shut down Jurassic Park's main power, hoping to bring all the systems back online during the manual restart, Ellie and Muldoon set out after him to the Power Shed to set up the power again.After Tim Murphy restored power, she accompanied Grant and Gennaro to the raptor nest to document the number of animals that survived. While Ellie did not appear in The Lost World, it was mentioned in the novel that Lewis Dodgson had hired Ed James to follow her. Ellie Sattler was Alan Grant's partner/girlfriend and worked with him at the dig site in Montana. There's an impatience about Ellie, as if nothing in life happens quite fast enough for her.James reported she married a physicist from Berkeley. Early in the film, it was shown that Ellie wanted to have children, while Alan was against the idea entirely as he dislikes kids.

In return, Hammond promised to fund their digsite for the next three years.

Once on the island, Ellie, like a true Paleobotanist, immediately noticed that Vermiform plants, which are extinct, were growing next to the road.

She was so enthralled with this prehistoric plant, that she did not notice that the Jeep she was riding in had stopped alongside a Brachiosaur, only doing so when Alan physically turned her head to see it.

Because she stayed in the Triceratops Enclosure, she was not attacked by the Tyrannosaurus like the rest of the group.

She later joined Robert Muldoon as he went to the Tyrannosaurus Paddock to rescue the survivors, finding one missing tour jeep and what little the Tyrannosaurus had left of Donald Gennaro.

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