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i gained that weight because I wasn't in Hollywood and didn't have to be so concerned with my weight and was constantly entertaining all the time, eating peas & rice and just being an island girl. Al since my days as the co-host of "Source All Access" so despite what people might think our relationship is not new. I've been working with Ernie Hudson, The White House's Secretary of Education, and Newt Gingrich on the educational five-city tour where Wyclef Jean and myself visit various schools around the country to talk to the children.

I'm back down to my TV-size and ready to do what I've been missing for the last three years.

The young stylist, who is registered to vote as independent in Mamaroneck, says on her Linked In page that she works in financial services as a personal banker at Wells Fargo.

Dominique was very emotional during her big day, especially when she saw her father, Reverend Al Sharpton, for the first time after getting all dressed up as a bride.

Al Sharpton has a new, decades-younger, attractive main squeeze.

The civil rights activist and MSNBC star, 58, is dating 35-year-old Aisha Mc Shaw, a Westchester “personal stylist” who has been seen on Sharpton’s arm at several recent black-tie affairs, including the White House Correspondents Dinner in April and President Obama’s holiday party in December.

Dominique let Marcus know that she would be at a rally the next morning and he missed his flight back to Miami to attend the rally.

Dominique gave Marcus her phone number and he called her from the airport.

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“I’m his girlfriend,” Mc Shaw said before Sharpton intervened to shepherd her away from a reporter.

Sharpton has been spending a lot of time with Mc Shaw.

The two have been photographed at elegant bashes all over the country for months.

Needless to say, each and every one of her many male fans are totally shocked and stunned.

Had we known it was like that, then we all would have tried to take a shot at her.

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