Validating u of m football tickets

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After venting to a Penn State student ticket office representative, I got some answers.

Guest tickets cannot be sold online because the student version of the Student Ticket Exchange system will not allow two tickets to be put on one card — it processes this transaction as an error.

Students trying to buy guest tickets for this week’s match against Northwestern should check the Student Ticket Exchange for availability before waiting in the long line at the ticket office.

The student ticket office representative anticipates that, due to the nice weather and the fact that it’s Homecoming, there won’t be many guest tickets available.

My experience forces me and every other determined student who waited in line last week to ask: Why isn’t this process done online?

On the surface, it appears that even the University of Michigan has a better system than Penn State does.

In response to my Michigan comment, he noted that our ticketing system operates differently because Michigan students have physical tickets for football games.

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Guest tickets are an exception; student tickets sold on the exchange must be converted into guest tickets at the guest ticket office.

They didn’t realize they were waiting for something that may or may not even exist.

At one point, a representative told us about the ticket shortage and an alternative special student ticket offer.

This is how I, along with every other rule-abiding individual who didn’t want to take the risk of “sneaking someone in,” found myself waiting outside of the BJC last week.

At the onset of my wait time, I noticed that the people behind me were checking the Student Ticket Exchange to see how many tickets were still available.

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