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The city was once a large commercial center on the Great Silk Road.

Bukhara lies west of Samarkand and was once a center of learning renowned throughout the Islamic world.

Mosques, madrassas, fortresses and unforgettable landscapes await, ranging from fertile valleys to open steppes and never-ending deserts… There are few ATMs in Uzbekistan and even then, most do not accept any card other than Visa.

Stores and restaurants typically do not accept credit cards.

Hotel kindly offers you the following facilities: restaraunt, banquet hall, disco bar, lobby cafe, couvenir shop, sauna and jacuzzi.

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If you don’t mind the dry heat of 40° Celsius, summer is the best time to go.

In Bukhara there are more than 350 mosques and 100 religious colleges.

Its fortunes waxed and waned through succeeding empires until it became one of the great Central Asian Khanates in the 17th century.

An emergency fund of around 500 USD in cash is always good to have during trips to Central Asia.

Uzbekistan is a safe country and most trips are trouble-free.

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