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By submitting this pre-application information you are not guaranteed placement on any waiting list.Maintaining Your Status on the Waiting List If you are added to the waiting list, you will be notified via USPS mail when your name comes to the top of the waiting list or if we are updating our files.Remember that your old boss will need your new address to send you tax documents and insurance information at the end of the year.If you live in a rental home, you should carefully review your tenant rights and responsibilities contained in the lease agreement.Asegúrese de que ha escrito correctamente toda la información.Tenga papel y lápiz listo para anotar su número de confirmación. Pre-solicitudes duplicadas no serán aceptadas Descargo de responsabilidad Las solicitudes serán recibidas en cualquier momento durante el período de lista de espera.To have your mail forwarded to your new place before you’ve updated your address with individual organizations and companies, you only need to fill out a change of address request at your local post office or at the USPS official website.

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Empiece indicando su fecha de nacimiento y su número de seguro social.

Para mantenerse vigentes en la Lista de Espera Si se añaden a la lista de espera, se les notificará por correo cuando su nombre alcance la cima de la lista de espera o si estamos actualizando nuestros archivos.

Si usted no responde a nuestras comunicaciones, o su carta es devuelta por cualquier causa, su nombre será eliminado de la lista de espera.

Unless you’re relocating to a different branch of your current company, you should inform your employer about your decision to move and leave your job as early as a month in advance.

This way, the company will have time to find a new person for your position, and you will be able to put all the relevant paperwork in order without any hassle.

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