Updating client computers with win 2016 server

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Microsoft Office got its own critical patch that fixed at least seven vulnerabilities — including another one exploitable through the preview pane.

Microsoft PDF also received a critical patch thanks to a bug that’s exploitable just by getting Edge users to view specially-crafted PDF content in the browser.

Microsoft churned out a bunch of software updates today fix some serious security problems with Windows and other Microsoft products like Internet Explorer (IE), Edge and Office.

If you use Microsoft, here are some details about what needs fixing.

• Do a quick repair of the Office programs () to see if anything looks dicey.At first I thought it only happened when I was clicking on files stored on a network shared folder instead of my local hard drive, as suggested in a few forum posts.I actually moved all my files from a Synology NAS to my computer as part of troubleshooting a few months ago and was disappointed to discover it didn’t make any difference.For the record, Adobe says it has no plans to issue a Flash Player update today (as per usual) or anytime this month.As always, if you experience any issues downloading or installing any of the Microsoft updates from this month, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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