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Hoping you guys take note and better standardize in the future.I just bought my first full frame camera, the a7m2.The electronic viewfinder also remains unchanged, and uses 2.3 million dots for 100% accuracy and .71x magnification. Here's how the a7 II fits into the current Sony a7 lineup: The Sony a7 II is the fourth full frame ILC to feature in-camera image stabilization, (the three before it were the Sony a900, a850 and a99).

It offers 1.23 millions dots in a 3:2 aspect ratio, and can be tilted upward 107 degrees and downward 41 degrees.When a non-OSS lens is affixed, even if it's a third party lens with an adapter, 5-axis IS is accomplished fully in-camera.To compensate for the increased weight of the a7 II, the size and depth of the grip has been increased, resulting in a very comfortable camera to hold.according to the test parameters on the conclusion page the image quality (raw and especially jpeg) and the high Iso performance are far behind aps-c cameras like the Sony A6300/6500 and the Nikon D5500/5600/7500/7200 how is it possible this is a full frame camera ?Sorry to say but the review is frustrating comparing 2 or 3 different -in every aspect -cameras than a clear review on this specific camera.

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