Updating adobe premiere 7

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You can now simply make a freeze frame within the timeline that doesn’t adhere to clip length.You can also quickly add a freeze frame segment within a clip at a specific time so the clip continues where it left off after the freeze frame.The above video provides a fantastic overview of some of the new features in the update.Here’s a break down of the featured updates: Improved add edit function This feature is one previously missed by FCP7 users.Native Cinema DNG file management This is big news for Blackmagic Cinema Camera users.Premiere Pro will now recognize Cinema DNG sequences as video, and allow you to natively edit the files on a timeline. You can now apply a selection of customizable monitor overlays to your preview window.Reverse Speed Another very small update, but it’s one that makes the switch from FCP7 to Premiere Pro feel that little bit more at home.The speed options now accept negative values to give you a quick solution to reversing the speed of a clip.

View sequences as clips in project bin I’m a bit of a list view kind of guy, but for those who use thumbnails this will please you.

You can now view sequences in the project bin just like clips.

Sequences now have a thumbnail with a hover scroll just like individual clips.

Adobe is fulfilling promises of significant, regular updates to their Creative Cloud software products.

Version 7.1 has just been released for Premiere Pro, boasting new features such as native Cinema DNG editing and seamless integration with Speed Grade.

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