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Tila was the middle-class daughter of Vietnamese immigrants in Houston, who’d moved from Singapore to the U. After modeling for a variety of import car magazines and creating a personal website with nude pictorials for premium members, she decided to re-brand herself as Tila Tequila.

She used My Space to upload countless glamour shots of herself, record and broadcast her singing, and to interact with fans.

Tila is a Trump supporter (because of course she is) and these days her psychotic ramblings have taken on a political slant. Last Saturday, an alt-right convention was held in Washington D.

C., with Richard Spencer leading a gathering of the National Policy Institute in showering Donald Trump with praise.

She counted over 1.5 million friends on My Space, and her blend of over-sharing, sexy pictures, and impressive commitment to fan engagement made her a potent social media force.

The way Time describes her accurately captures how she embodied the flavor of the Internet at the moment, though it is also kind of depressing to read knowing how far she’s fallen: “Nguyen clearly grasps the logic of Web 2.0 in a way that would make many CEOs weep. She has a cameo in next summer’s Adam Sandler movie.

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” story, but she doesn’t have the kind of nod-inducing, semi-appropriate, quasi-obsolescence we enjoy seeing from our faded stars; she got famous enough to suffer the kind of negative press and scrutiny that drives starlets to the edge, but not famous enough that people still care.The best porn cams websites provide you live sex webcams every day and 24/7.With our porn collection you'll be able to save money getting free credits to meet the most popular webcam girls.Either way, it didn’t exactly help lift her above her increasingly sordid reputation.She basically became the anti-Kim Kardashian; instead of lifting herself above the salaciousness of an early start in T&A, she became more engrossed in the sleazy side of show business.

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