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A passport is needed when traveling to other nations to show that you are a legal citizen, so why do we need to go the extra mile to obtain a visa?Visas are different than passports in that they show why it is you are going to another country, as well as how long you plan on staying there.There are a number of different visas to consider, so to prevent the risk of deportation and the embarrassment of explaining your predicament when you wind up back in your home country, I have compiled up-to-date visa information for the 5 most common types of visa.Let's get started…Let's start with this simple but common question.Are you taking the gap year to blow all of your money in exchange for fond memories and a boatload of “candid” selfies?Well, Thailand is certainly one of the most beautiful destinations you will find in your search for the perfect vacation.Many people come to Thailand to teach English as a second language.Others are relocated here for work, to invest and even conduct international business.

You apply for a tourist visa in your home country from the Thai Embassy or a Thai consulate.The B visa process is fairly harmless and, if done right, can be just another simple check off your to-do list before coming to source that next big import product from Thailand.This is a bit tricky to stipulate because there is no set business visa, rather a category (B) for which you have to submit documents depending on the business-related reason you require this type of visa.You'll also need a re-entry permit if you wish to travel outside of the country.The good news is that renewal of this visa can be done inside Thailand.

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