Testimony college dating violence and abuse in teenage dating

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Sitting down for English class, Aria discovers that Ezra is in fact her new English teacher, Mr. After an awkward moment, Aria receives a text message from an unknown "A" which reads "Aria: Maybe he fools around with students all the time. Later that night, Aria passes by Maya's house and sees Spencer.

Aria comments that she heard Hanna had been to the police station and wondered if Hanna talked about The Jenna Thing.

She was kidnapped by "A"' while being escorted to prison in "Welcome to the Dollhouse".

Later, after graduating from college, Aria becomes a publisher and helps Ezra to write his second novel about his then lost love interest, Nicole.

Aria gets engaged to Ezra, but Nicole being found after missing for several years puts a strain on their relationship.

She can be described as a kind and creative friend, always willing to protect them from any threats "A" has.Aria and her friends continue to be tormented by the anonymous "A," who seems to know all the secrets they told Alison, including the secret surrounding a mysterious blind girl, Jenna Marshall.When Aria invites Jenna to join them at their lunch table, her presence triggers a flashback to the night of the "The Jenna Thing." The four girls and Alison are having a sleep over and trying on each other's clothes when Alison claims to have seen Toby Cavanaugh spying on them through her window.Hanna arrives and says that she didn't because they made a promise.Aria meets up with Emily, Hanna and Spencer at the funeral, and they reveal that each has received a message from the mysterious "A." The police now reveal that the girls need questioning again as they are now looking at a murder case, before they each receive a text saying, "I'm still here, bitches. -A." Things are a bit tense at home because Aria knows Byron's secret and her mother still does not.

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