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In order to be successful you need to know what pedagogical strategies work with your students.

Not all strategies will work in every classroom or with every student.

The students need to be aware that you are in a relationship where you, the teacher, has the authority in the classroom.

The concept of power needs to be a part of the curriculum and be known by students. Teachers need must be aware and not abuse power in their relationship with students.

Teaching methods would be enhanced by a curriculum that contributed to the relevance and interest level of students work and learning experiences.

When students are forced to go through material that they are not engaged in they will lose interest.

Teachers need to actively engage and learn about the students.

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As a teacher you need to provide and create learning opportunities, encourage peer mentoring and discussion, and encourage collaboration and sharing of knowledge. Be flexible and develop and cooperative learning environment.

As the teacher you need to allow students to take responsibility for their own learning and act as the student's facilitator, not just lecture on your own knowledge.

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