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Many considered Jackson a hypochondriac, and his assessment of his own ailments and his pursuit of good health attracted comment.

But many of Jackson's beliefs (regarding the effect of certain foods on his body and his perceived weakness in one limb) and his regimens (hydrotherapy, strict diet, and abstention from reading by artificial light) were not unusual in his day.

But he soon obtained a colonelcy and an infantry command at Harpers Ferry.

He was appointed a brigadier general in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States, and became famous for his brigade's stalwart action at the First Battle of Manassas on July 21.

Her stories of a lighthearted and even playful Jackson contrast sharply with the stern Jackson of legend.

In Lexington Jackson gave the fullest expression to his religious beliefs, which had grown to become the center of his life.

He relied exclusively upon the rote memorization methods that had served him well at West Point.

Her sister Isabella Morrison was married to the future Confederate general Daniel Harvey Hill.Jackson was devoted to his sister Laura, but they were later estranged when she did not support the Confederacy. Artillery, Jackson participated in Winfield Scott's campaign to capture Mexico City, winning renown and promotion to brevet major for his fearless conduct at the Battle of Chapultepec on September 13, 1847.An appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, provided Jackson educational and career opportunities beyond what was possible in rural Virginia. Like many young junior officers, he confessed to intense ambition and a desire for distinction.More than a few cadets made fun of him and some labeled him "Tom Fool," but others noted his kindness to individual students.All remembered the intense concentration and exactitude he brought to every task, large or small. On August 4, 1853, he wed Elinor Junkin, whose father, Reverend George Junkin, was president of Washington College in Lexington.

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