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Then, I promote a few of my favorite Quora pieces: Another great bio example is of Nicolas Cole.He uses a mix of brand names, features, imagery, and relevant offers to drive leads. Copy how top writers design their bios to drive traffic and leads.When reading, identify a few of your favorite Quora writers in these niches.Once you’ve found your favorites, bookmark the topics they follow. Lemkin, so I bookmark all the topics he focuses on by clicking on who he’s following, then selecting the Topics tab.To give you a reference, I have one of the fastest growing Quora profiles.

You could answer 1000 questions on Quora, but if you don’t generate leads, your hard work will go to waste. Top writers design their bio like a website homepage.Here you can change the date according to the timeframe you want to analyze: These stats will give you a strong overview of your performance, but they’re not the end-all be-all.The most important metric is the number of leads you’re driving.As I’m writing this, I currently have over 300 questions saved.When you want to access these bookmarked questions, click on Answer at the top right of your screen, then click “Answer Later” on the left side.

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