Sienna miller and channing tatum dating

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As the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal continues, Channing Tatum has announced that he has cancelled his new movie Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock.

The film is the property of The Weinstein Company, with Tatum taking to Facebook to confirm that work on the project would be ending immediately.

Because her bad behavior from a few years ago almost cost her a Hollywood career.

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They were also caught cuddling up at a Met Gala after party this May.We’re glad to see you back on your feet again, Miz Miller.And best of luck in your return to the proper spotlight.She opened up about her wrongdoings back then, both on and off the set, and explained how fortunate she feels to be back making films, saying: "I sabotaged things. I never read a review or paid any mind to what anyone said. On set, I was first to arrive, last to leave, best friends with the crew, totally professional, no d*cking around.But when I wasn’t at work, I wasn’t behaving the way you should.

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