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All of their kids are here: Crispian (Bowen) is nervous about bringing his girlfriend (Vinson) to meet everyone, and his three siblings Felix, Aimee and Drake (Tucci, Swanberg and Seimetz) have also arrived with their respective partners (Glenn, Myers and West).The usual arguments are re-ignited at their first meal together, but they're quickly interrupted by a bigger problem: someone shoots an arrow through a window and begins picking them off one by one.But the story develops without much sense of direction, and all of the scary bits are added in post-production through jolting editing and a freak-out sound mix.It centres on a family gathering at a palatial summer home for the 35th anniversary of Paul and Aubrey (Moran and Crampton).

And through sheer exuberance, it almost gets away with it. Luke (Malambri) runs a nightclub and dance studio out of the Brooklyn warehouse he inherited from his parents.

The trailer definitely gives a flavour of other home invasion-type horrors, such as 2008's the strangers - particularly because of the seriously disturbing masks that the murderers wear in each film and apparent disconnection between the killers and their victims.

And let's not forget the innocent enough soundtrack - Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' here - that takes on a more sinister edge as it becomes background noise to a brutal household kill-fest.

Sharni Vinson , Jaclyn Albergoni - "The Beauty Book For Brain Cancer" Edition Two Launch Party Sponsored By Voices Against Brain Cancer_Inside at Le Jardin - Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 3rd December 2015Tiberius is the Roman leader who has forced his way to power through corrupt and violent means, leading defected Roman General Lucius to escape to the East along the Silk Road to the Parthian Empire with his legion and the betrayed younger brother of Tiberius.

It's there they encounter Huo An and his small army of warriors, who - after an impressive but fair sword fight - offer to aid Lucius in their fight against Tiberius, who in turn will stop at nothing to seize control over the Silk Road.

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