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Nevertheless, my time at Headquarters was going to end and I was being sent home.

I tried to appeal to Bill Gothard on the basis that there were other girls at Headquarters whom I had spoken to much more frequently than I had ever talked to Rachel; I just didn’t understand why I was getting sent home for talking to her only a few times.

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I said goodbye to my family in Knoxville, Tennessee, where we had traveled to attend the yearly Advanced Training Institute (ATI) annual conference, and climbed aboard one of the many vans transporting IBLP staff back to Oak Brook, Illinois. Benjamin Harrison outside Indianapolis, Indiana, and enjoyed the Fourth of July celebrations.One thing I did notice, particularly at mealtimes, was that there seemed to be an “in crowd,” and everybody else.This “in crowd” was comprised of pretty young ladies and a few young men and always seemed to stand close to Bill Gothard, eat with him at the head table in our dining room, and accompany him whenever he interacted with any dignitaries.Once I arrived at Headquarters, I found that I enjoyed the collegial atmosphere of interacting with both young men and women.Despite my fears, interactions with members of the opposite sex were permitted so long as we did not single each other out or give undue attention to a member of the opposite sex.

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