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Cartier arrived at the office with the shotgun drawn.He wore an ammunition belt, purposefully pulled around the front for quicker access, said police, and carried a wicker jug of Pink Catawba wine.* * * ineteen eighty-five was a totally rad time for high school students who sported big hair, broad shoulders, narrow pants, and pointy-toed shoes.“Miami Vice” made neon colors cool the year before, and that summer “Rambo: First Blood Part II” and Live Aid concerts were all the rage.Cartier had moved to Concord from Franklin, New Hampshire, a once-thriving mill town of 8,000 that gave way to unemployment and poverty.

The night before the incident at Concord High, he hung out with John and showed him his father’s guns on a stand: a double barrel, a shotgun, and a .38.But Cartier was also described as a loner in school, who repeatedly wore the same clothes, was quiet, and mumbled softly when spoken to. “He’s the kind of kid I would be very careful not to publicly call on because he was just day-dreamy or just didn’t know the answer or just couldn’t say it,” says Voth-Palisi.“I didn’t get the sense from Louis that he had a lot of hope.” “We all got the sense that Louis went home to an empty house and a dog, and we all may have really read into it but he seemed to be a person who was navigating the teenage stuff by himself,” she says.New Hampshire law at the time only allowed students who were under 18 to drop out with parental permission.Cartier did not have his parents’ approval in writing, and he didn’t seem to care.

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