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PMDump Timestamp in Loop Simple Copy Script Drag Pic To VBS Create HTA Disable Sleep on Chromebook HTA Progress bar Cleanup LANDesk/Symantec IDs Deploy IE Tab to Chrome Browser Password Generator Mouse Cursor Trailing Clock Change Computer Description Disable Back Button Chrome Browser and Your Enterprise Return Uninstall Commands Disable Account If User Change PW Move Computer from OU to OU Query if Laptop or Desktop Return all Product IDs/Names Return NIC Speeds Pause Printing Return Refresh Rate Modify Service Properties List Disk Drive & Capacity Enable Wake-on-LAN Move Old Computers Post It Note Granting Rights Rename Computer Return Screen Resolution Return Process Found Disable Standby Return Profile Names Suppress Extended Protection Add Dynamic Content in HTA Content Glider Picture Carousel Smoother Ticker Simple Green LCD Clock Apply Group Policy IE Pop-up Countdown Lava Lamp Return Current User SID ZTI BIOS Check Automatically Rename Computer List Windows 7 Updates Replace Underscores In File Names Scrollbar Feedback IE Pop-up Yes-No Fix PNG Error Combine Excel Files Convert CSV to Excel Convert Excel to CSV Determine 32bit 64bit OS Draw Excel Pie Chart using VBScript Iterate through Folders Sort Servers/Web Sites by Response Time Forensic Script Create Simple Event log Compare WMI Device IDs Stop Java Pop-ups Simulate Left Mouse Click Disable XSS Filter Setting in IE9 – All Users Create Bootable Thumb Drive from WIM Change Computer Name to Service Tag Deploy Google Bookmarks Win7/Win XP Uninstall IE9 Return SID Windows 7 Configure BIOS Settings for MDT Disable Hibernate – Enforce Always On Retrieve Office 2007 Key Retrieve Office 2010 Key Retrieve Windows Keys Robocopy Profiles When USMT Fails Some Silent Switches Return Command to Variable/Popup Simple Backup Script Show File Extension Copy Files with Extension I Copy Files with Extension II Change File Attributes Change from DHCP to IP Window 7 Speed Tweak Clean/Delete Win7 Profiles List all files in folder Using 7Zip in VBScript Enable Windows Auto Updates using Auto IT Some Silent Switches Facebook Like Button Change Registered User and Owner Download a Remote File Enable Disable Sound HTA Countdown Timer – Input Variable Read Word Document Remove WGA Notification Restore VBScript Extensions Parse a URL – Return Page Name Change Screensaver 3D Text Testing Batch File Color Codes Event Log to Text File Some Silent Switches Retrieving SKU for Win7 Display NIC Speed Flashing Keyboard Keys Install Printer – Auto-elevation Salvador Dali Clock UAC – on Enumerate Reg Hive Keys Color Progress Bar Cloning a Timestamp Excuses Add VBS to Right-click Context Menu HTA and DIV Power Bold Specific Word in Doc Deleting Temps Find and Replace String in Text File List All Open IE URLS Add a Background Picture to Excel Shortcut Maximize Shortcut Fullscreen Network Disconnect Notify Move files, Perform MD5, Delete files Pause Printing Get Notified Return User SID Deltree via VBScript Download File From Website Web Site Online Checker Simple Web Calendar Digital Clock Dual Clock Elevate by Extension (jump tool) Title Bar Clock World Clock LANDesk Versioning Simple/Fading Unpacking Splash Screen Random Password Uninstall Project 2010 Uninstall Office 2010 Download Webpage as MHT file List all installed software Remove XPS/MDIW Printers Force 32-bit to work on 64-bit OS Text Bubble Popup Fading Scroller Side Menu Outlook Bar Traverse Folders Copy File to all Profiles Return Product Code Uninstall using GUID Bottom Clock Expanding DIVs Cursor Effect: Hash Marks XP Style Progress Bar Daily Background Changer Yet Another Snow Effect Set Scheduled Task to Wakeup – Windows 7 Drag and Drop – Move Items Around Allow PST ADD Disable PST Grow Date and Time Parsing Disable Offline Files Echo Current Path Get MAC Address Set Date Return TCP Active Sessions Count Time Zone Script Cursor Stretch Wake up and Defrag Computer Cursor Circling Text Effect Cursor Trailing Text Effect Windows XP 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Exe Script Packaging Resources Package Types Deployment Deployment Resources Imaging Resources Show Time Change Background Colors Automatically Frameless Partylight With Text Overlay Progress Bar IT Department Text Effect Basic Text Fade Install Java Update 6.0.240 The WPL Format Simple Text Scroller Pop-up Tooltip Messages Install IE8 Drag & Drop Files Onto Script Launch Process in System Account Party Light For Your Pictures Enlarge Picture on Hover Place Online Flash Video into HTA Basic Text Highlight Scanning Menu Highlight Effect Install Print Driver in Windows 7 – no Pop-ups Install Print Driver in Windows 7 HTA Roll-over Color Change Print Directory in HTA Press Button Effect in HTA Simple Progress Bar in HTA Read Items into Array from Config File Adobe Acrobat X Silent Install Installing Firefox, Opera, Messenger Live Installing Do D Certificates Javascript Scrolling Install Communicator, LANDesk, SEP Picture Film Strip Javascript Fading Box Scrolling up with Backgroud Images Cursor Chasing Stretch Image Flashing Text Change Workgroup Fade-in and Fade-out Environmental Variables in VBScript RUNAS C$ CPAU.EXE Communicator R2 Deployment Faster Dimming With Sound Scrolling Splash Screens Build HTML from a Shell Script Clear Event Logs Alphabetize/Sort a Text File Passing Credentials in Windows 7 How To Dim The Screen Talking Scripts Disable NICs Install VLC Player Live Person Enterprise Deployment WISE Installer Distribute a Video File Re-Write Text File From Bottom To Top Return SID-Username-Load Reg-Apply Reg Keys Return Current Dir and Program Files PING Connection If-Exist Check Running Process Drop File Snag It v10 Enterprise Deployment Counter In Batch File Dynamic Path In Batch File Verify Local Account Exists Disable IPv6 via Registry Returning NIC Settings Install FTP Server Role IIS7 Creating Shares & Assigning Permissions Adding an Account to the local Admin Group Setting Static NIC Settings Enable File Server Role On Server 2008 Enable Web Server Role Add Virtual Directories In IIS7 Configure MIME Types On Server 2008 Enable Web Directory Browsing IIS7 Server Automation Splash Screen v1 e Vault 9.0.1 Microsoft Office 2010 For Desktops Flash Player Deployment Shockwave Deployment WMIC Commands Symantec 11.06 Un-Install Countdown Installation Timer Alert Notification v1 Office 2010 Deployment Generic Splash Screen Office 2010 Won’t Install Message Command File BGInfo 4.16 Deployment Enable WMI In WDS V-Model Testing DPInst.exe-Driver Installs and Subdirectories Microsoft Project 2007 Professional Deploy Microsoft Visio 2007 Enterprise Deploy WSUS Reg Key – Automatic Updates For Clients Symantec Service Restart-Reset Hardware ID Collect PST Information – Send To LANDesk Use General Time Of Day In Your Scripts Simple Backup Utility In Shell Qfiniti Deployment Assign Dir /b /s *To A Variable Remotely Execute Process In VBScript Terminate Process In VBScript Return The Owner Of A Process Message Dialog Box Logged-In Status VBScript Function Iron Mountain Deployment OS Detect Symantec Vault Deployment OS Detect VBScript obj Shell Run Codes Office 2007 Error Code Export To Txt File Installing Office 2007 Client-Side Symantec Update Config Command Bigger and Better Splash Screens PING And Run Cmd Timestamped Logs Return Site Code To LANDesk Return GW Return OS In Batch Shell OS Detect Return Folder Size In Batch Shell Return File Size In Batch Shell Scan For Local PSTs And Return Report Adobe Professional 9.0.0 Update Cmd Return Model Of Machine PING In VBScript Turning Firewall Off Command Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Deploy Return OS Version Into Variable Adobe Professional 9 Enterprise Deploy Launching Commands & Pausing In Javascript Nice Little Google Wait/Busy HTA Safari Silent Deployment Mozilla Silent Deployment Google Chrome Silent Deployment Load Registry Key With A Token Hidden Process How To Create A Shortcut In VBScript Password Box In HTA Single Window Progress Bar Model Of Machine Countdown Boxes With Percentage Complete RUNAS In VBScript Sending Input To Data Area.I then thought of giving a try ,by deleting the file from C:\Windows\System32\Group Policy\Machine as described in the article and initiate software update scan cycle /Software update deployment evaluation cycle the log if that succeeded or not , Still the error persists. I then restarted the SMS Agent host on the client to download all the policies ,wait a minute and then initiate software update scan cycle /Software update deployment evaluation cycle action.If the task sequence is running from stand-alone media, this variable is undefined.

It uses the same format as a Configuration Manager software distribution deployment ID.Some additional information that refers to above problem talking about GPO. then ran RSOP /GPresult on the problem computer to see if there is any such GPO configured but there is nothing via AD Except local group policy configured with WSU entries. there is no GPO exist that configures the WSUS Settings and Configmgr suppose to configure these WSUS Settings on the client but that’s not happening.SCCM and MDT offer a great deal of variables, but the documentation of them is sometime not so friendly.I have created some tables below of the variables, which are a little easier to filter, sort and generally find the variable you are after.

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