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In 2013, an Australian teenager posted on Facebook that Subway’s footlong subs were actually only 11 inches in length. The company makes approximately 5,300 sandwiches every minute and uses about 18 acres worth of lettuce every single day.Apparently the customer was not happy with the sandwhich he left it at the store.he left the sandwhich in the bag so no mess was made unlike the employee stated.I enjoy subway and this was the first time I have experience the rudeness and the way your employees handled the situation.I was so bothered by this that I had to make a complaint and I hope the gentleman does as well. Reply Subway store 24240 Discriminates, bullies and uses intimidation,, cut my hourly rate by 2.00 on my last check because I walked out for being bullied, harassed and discriminated against,,, seriously considering a lawyer.I have been turned away from many restaurants who would not stray from the established menu.

I was in line behind a customer that had a compliant.

And, search and search and search and wait and wait and wait for little GREEN circle of dots to spin and spin and spin and spin for 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes and never find anything.

The online applicant can also struggle with the “I am NOT a Robot” nonsense, and then they can also look up the store #, then guess at it and then have it not be found (by the spinning green dots) , at all.

The store was clean and the workers were following proper food handling procedures (I’m in the health care field).

This store should be head up to other Subways as an example of how a Subway should be run!

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