Rural singles dating

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The same way it would be for any ministry in your church that may meet someone’s emotional and physical needs first. I lead the largest single adult leadership ministry in the country.

My website has a ton of great resources to help you get started and keep going.

2) Contact your town/city and find out the demographics of those living within a 5 mile radius.

Once you find out this information, it will help you in the direction of how to reach them.

Because single adults are always on the move (whether getting married, moving into other parts of the Church or simply moving), the ministry can start off strong and begin to waiver.

It’s up to you as a church, as a pastor to get them connected to the whole body of Christ.

It’s up to you to get to know and build a relationship with them.

Beside myself there are a ton of other great teachers, speakers, authors and pastors who are ready to help you as well.

You can also call me at 919.434.3611 for help or attend one of my leadership retreats/conferences geared toward pastors, staff and leaders.

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