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To see when your American made Raleigh was built, find the serial number on the bottom bracket and look here: It looks like it's in good condition, I would just polish it up. I decided to strip, polish and respray the steel bit...honest opinions please.. I think it looks pretty sharp - especially for a home-done job. Raleigh frames seem to be sized a little on the big side.I know it needs something else maybe trim, of the colors . The Technium frames had a reputation of failing at the shifter bosses, so keep an eye on that.Retro Raleighs was originated by Ray Chong, who passed the Torch to Sheldon Brown in March, 2003.

The connection that brought about this strange frame combination being Hugh Walton a Canadian riding for Levis/Raleigh at the time. Prior to the Raleigh frames we had built frames for AMF including Jim Ochowitz and World Champion Beth Heiden.

They were to be built out of 531C but the tubing did not arrive in time hence we used Columbus.

In addition we built 2 cyclocross frames for Knickman and Tilford which were ridden at the US National Cross Championships which I believe Knickman won.

An English 3 speed 26" wheel has an ISO of 590, a mountain bike 26" tire has an ISO of 559, the two are NOT interchangeable!

My normal approach is to take a bike down to the frame, clean up all the parts and reassemble with new "consumables" (rubber, cables, bar wrap etc) and then tune it up.

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