Regency england dating

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Since there were few calendars to be had, and so many people were illiterate, the quarter days were set on known religious holidays.This made it much easier for people to keep track of the quarter days, since they were already familiar with these important church holy days.Lady Day falls near the vernal equinox, Midsummer Day falls near the summer solstice, Michaelmas Day falls near the autumnal equinox, and Christmas Day falls near the winter solstice.During the Middle Ages, and for many centuries thereafter, servants were hired, leases were contracted, rents and other debts were paid at the change of seasons.

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For a single lease of one or two quarters, the tenant might be asked to pay all up front, though many paid one half at the beginning of the lease, and the second half on the next quarter day.

Leases for non-agricultural properties might run for a shorter term than a year, but many of them still began on Lady Day.

Leases for London houses, particularly for those who were in town for the social season, would have to be negotiated and signed by Lady Day, in order for the tenant to be in residence by the start of the season.

She is hopeful that her exceptionally beautiful sister might have the chance to marry well, thereby providing for her younger brothers.

Regardless of their reasons for coming to the metropolis, an essential requirement for these visitors is a house in a fashionable part of town. But property rental practices in Regency England were rather different than those typically followed today.

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