Radio decay dating

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Photo by Phil Medina Volcanic time markers - a layer of volcanic dust covering layers.

When a violent eruption of a volcano occurs it may send dust high into the atmosphere where it can spread over the entire planet.

The law of cross-cutting relationships: anything that cuts across layers of rock is younger than the rocks that it has intruded into. Vocabulary Sequence Puzzles: Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Sequence 3 Sequences 1, 2 & 3 on one sheet Sequence 4 Sequence 5 Sequence 6 Sequence 7 Relative Dating Craters (see PPT to the right for answers) Worksheet on Radio Dating DBQ on Dinosaurs DBQ on The Natural History of LI DBQ on Magnetic Pole Reversals All three layers of rock (limestone, sandstone, shale) were made, then the volcano formed.

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Example: the layer that marks the extinction of dinosaurs has characteristics of an asteroid impact.

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