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The production closed less than two weeks later, on 29 September 1962.

The Short Version: Some people crave excitement and romance beyond their own humdrum reality, and, for those imaginative adventure-seekers, Big Fish Games supplies thousands of desktop and mobile games.

This sounds like the plot of a chick flick, but it’s actually Love Story: Letters From the Past, an interactive PC game that’s part scavenger hunt and part romantic fiction.

“No heavy lifting on this game, just good entertainment. Mary’s touching story is just one of over 500 mobile games and 3,500 PC and Mac games offered by Big Fish Games.

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William nevertheless announces his intention to go to Europe on holiday, hosting a farewell party where he expresses his unhappiness with his friends.

As she reads the letters one after another, Mary remembers their whirlwind love story — from meeting as teenagers at the basketball gym to their years of separation as he fought his way back to her.

“I was captured by the enemy and unable to write until now, my love,” he told his wife in a letter she received 30 years too late.

Most of William's friends resist, then accept with sadness, the prospect of his departure for Europe, but Basil is devastated and suffers a fatal heart attack from the shock.

Shortly before his departure for Geneva, in conversation with Jimmie, William confesses that he was not the victim of an injustice at the university: the student's accusation was true.

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