Panettiere dating stephen

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It wasn't long after their first awkward interaction that the couple revealed that they had started a relationship.

While Hayden had been linked to a number of stars in her younger years, Wladimir is still her longest relationship to date and even though the couple wasn't predicted to last very long, they have managed to defy all of the doubters.

It was reported that the duo were friends for a few months after they first met back in 2009, but they then began dating and haven't looked back.

Hayden seems to fondly remember her first date with the former boxer so he definitely made their first date a memorable one.

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Who won this week's edition of the contest, featuring Lauren Conrad (LC), Lauren Bosworth (Lo) and Stephen Colletti? Although they've been spotted making out and clubbing, Laguna Beach alumna Lauren Conrad says she and Stephen Colletti are not back on."[Stephen Colletti] and I are just friends," Conrad told Us Weekly.

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They came close a few times, and actually almost ended things completely, but we'll go into that later on.Hayden appeared on the Graham Norton show in the UK where she stated that she called her partner "Borat" because he was born in Kazakhstan and at one point even attempted to buy him the bathing suit and get him to wear it.The couple definitely has a sense of humour when it comes to their relationship.Hayden was in a relationship with Wladimir for around six years of his boxing career and was always seen cheering on her boyfriend.Like many wives and girlfriends of boxers or athletes that are part of combat sports, she finds it hard to watch her boyfriend in the ring, but she still decides to cheer him on.

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