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Doing so will automatically open the other person's mailbox every time you open Outlook.

The other mailbox appears in the Folder Pane beneath your Exchange mailbox folders.

The delegate can then move or copy the items from his or her own Sent Items folder to the manager's Sent Items folder.

We have an Exchange 2010 server and multiple users with Outlook 2011.

Delegate Access goes beyond just sharing access to your folders.

Delegates are granted additional permissions, such as creating email messages or responding to meeting requests on your behalf.

Some assistants might also monitor a manager's Inbox and send email on behalf his or her behalf.

If you frequently work with someone else's Exchange folders, you probably will want to add the other person's Exchange mailbox to your Outlook profile.

As an alternative, the manager can grant permissions to his or her Sent Items folder to the delegate.Using Delegate Access , you can give someone permission to act on your behalf.For example, you might have an assistant that you want to create and respond to meeting requests for you.However, it does not include permissions for them to act on your behalf.For example, a person who can access your folders can’t reply to email messages or respond to meeting requests for you.

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