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Now I can not resist getting one, as soon as my bank account allows me! I don't think it's a safe gift purchase, I know many people have a miss with this perfume. The sun is shining and it’s time to crack out my Light Blue for the first time this year. The freshest lemon, drying down to a creamier interpretation of lemon and a clean, gentle musk. Like if a lemon had the fuzzy outside texture of a peach. But I prefer the Moschino as it feels younger and flirtier, and for the price it lasts on my skin waaaaaaay longer.

Since the notes are seamlessly well-blended, the overall feel feels soft, fresh, clean and smooth without being soapy or shampooey clean.

A fresh scent, not feminine at all, but yet a scent i think is very suitable for all women. Beneath a tone of bergamot and lemon, The dry dawn smells exactly, I mean exactly like female skin. It's a familiar staple and great for everyday wear in the warmer half of the year. The cedar, bluebell and bamboo are definitely there, but a little more subdued.

The moment I realized what was wrong with me, the perfume started to glow! after buying 3 almost expensive perfumes this month :-) First of all, I like stronger perfumes. Therefore I was interested in Intense version, but never considered to buy it. Sadly, even if I use body lotion and make 5-6 sprays, it lasts up to one hour and fades without letting anybody know I have perfume on. Someone asked me why I never used Light Blue (knowing my love for fresh scents); the answer is simply because on me it's not that awesome fragrance of green apple and fresh bamboo i perceive on others. In summary, this is a fresh, simple and summery fragrance.

But when it showed up recently at TJMaxx, I thought, perhaps this should be part of my collection.. I needed to give this fragrance a fair test to see if I could enjoy it on my person.

What I have written below is focused on my read of the base notes, the part that stands out to me the most.

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