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This covers both the “fact of” a capability against a specific technology and resulting decrypts (which may be either plaintext or metadata (events). (CSEC, DSD and GCSB are expected to do likewise.) The full extent of the N. A.’s decoding capabilities is known only to a limited group of top analysts from the N. Only they are cleared for the Bullrun program, the successor to one called Manassas — both names of American Civil War battles.

The corresponding counterencryption program at GCHQ is Edgehill, named for the first battle of the English Civil War. It is imperative to protect the fact that GCHQ, NSA and their Sigint partners have capabilities against specific network security technologies as well as the number and scope of successes.

The need to take additional measures to protect that capability has long been recognised.

Currently, virtually all decryption is carried out by PTD (ARTHUR) processing with decrypts going to the IIB in the NOCON Co I; some decrypts are placed in the ENDUE Co I due to the sensitivity or fragility of the exploitation capability. In recent years there has been an aggressive effort, lead by NSA, to make major improvements in defeating network security and privacy involving multiple sources and methods, all of which are extremely sensitive and fragile. mounted a full-scale effort to preserve its access to the Internet.

(At a minimum, specific capabilities may be protected by additional ECIs and restriction on “Eyes”.) The fact that GCHQ or its partners exploits specific encrypted network communications – see Annexe for details.

(At a minimum, specific capabilities may be protected by additional ECIs and restriction on “Eyes”.) Decrypts (plaintext or derived events / metadata) obtained from BULLRUN capabilities.

The application layer protocol can be standards-based (e.g., H.323, SIP), or proprietary (e.g., Skype). A private network that makes use of the public telecommunications infrastructure, maintaining privacy via the use of a tunneling protocol and security procedures that typically include encryption.

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Large Internet companies use dedicated hardware to scramble traffic before it is sent.(At a minimum, specific capabilities may be protected by additional restriction on “Eyes” and, in a few cases, additional ECIs.) (U) IPSEC -- IPSec, or IP Security, is the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard for layer 3 real-time communication security. Commonly used to provide secure network communication.IPSec allows two hosts (or two gateways) to establish a secure connection, sometimes called a tunnel. Widely used on the internet to provide secure web browsing, webmail, instant messaging, electronic commerce, etc. A general term for the using IP networks to make voice phone calls.The specific instances of these technologies that can be exploited will be published in a separate Annexe (available to BULLRUN indoctrinated staff).The agency has circumvented or cracked much of the encryption that guards global commerce and banking systems, protects sensitive data like trade secrets and medical records, and automatically secures basic Internet communications, including the e-mails, Web searches, Internet chats and phone calls of millions of Americans and others around the world. In addition to the specific technologies that GCHQ or its Sigint partners are able to exploit, the methods used to achieve the exploitation must also be protected.

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