Non sedating anti emetic

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However, this treatment is mainly effective if administered before the onset of emesis, though may manage to help control emesis once it has began.

As can be seem from the chemical structure opposite, the general structure of H1-receptor antagonists can be portrayed simply.

Many first-generation antihistamines cause drowsiness as a very common side effect, due to the anticholinergic properties of the drug.

However, this anticholinergic property can also act as an anti-emetic, making the first-generation antihistamine drugs more effective.

Humans are fundamentally animals, and in true Darwinian fashion, survival is key.

The process of emesis, or vomiting, can often be regarded as a defensive mechanism adopted by humans and other animals.

Vomiting center is located in the lateral reticular formation of medulla (M1, H1, 5HT3, NK1 and others are involved). 5HT4 in myenteric plexus releases acetylcholine, increasing gastric emptying. Also used adjunct to proton pump inhibitors and H2 blockers. Long standing DM Used in long standing diabetes mellitus, where diabetic gastroparesis occurs (delayed stomach emptying) 4. Post partum lactation Since D2 blocker, increases post partum lactation 7.As previously stated, sometimes emesis is a desirable process, such as in the event of swallowing a toxic substance.It is also, perhaps [a bit irishly], necessary to promote vomiting in the test for anti-emetic drugs.The vomiting centre is, however, used to co-ordinate the actual event of emesis, regulating the movement of smooth and striated muscle.The CTZ transmits signals to the vomiting centre when a stimuli acts upon the CTZ, causing the activation of the emetic reflex.

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