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In other words, teens who lived in rural communities experienced dating violence victimization at rates similar to teens who lived in urban and suburban communities. Capilouto et al., “’Green Dot’ Effective at Reducing Sexual Violence,” 2014, https://works.bepress.com/anncoker/100/; V. Foshee et al., “The Safe Dates Program: 1-Year Follow-Up Results,” Katie M.This finding is consistent with other research which has found that overall rates of dating violence and IPV are similar across rural, urban, and suburban locales, although some types of IPV (for example, intimate partner homicide) are more common in rural compared to urban and suburban locales. Edwards, Ph D, is an assistant professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies and faculty affiliate of the Carsey School of Public Policy and Prevention Innovations Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, Durham.This study included 24,976 high school students at least 13 years old who participated in the 2013 New Hampshire Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), reported dating histories (presented to youth as “dating or going out with”) during the 12 months prior to the survey, and had no missing data on variables used in all analyses (such as demographic variables or dating violence victimization). Although 38,181 high school students participated in the survey, only those who had dated were included in order to provide the most accurate estimates of dating violence (since students who had not dated would not have the opportunity to be exposed to dating violence). More than one in ten teens (10.9 percent) reported being the victim of sexual dating violence during the past year, and the range across schools was zero to 17.0 percent.The purpose of this study was to examine how demographic characteristics such as sexual orientation, school characteristics such as the school poverty rate, and community characteristics such as the population density of the county relate to the possibility that a New Hampshire teen will be the victim of dating violence.

The higher rates of dating violence victimization among racial and sexual minority teens can perhaps be explained by minority stress, caused, for example, by discrimination among racial minority youth and feelings of shame among sexual minority teens.

Although we did not measure variables that may explain these relationships, we can draw on previous research for insight.

First, high poverty in a community may increase stress among couples, and stress is tied to intimate partner violence (IPV).

Of the 71 schools participating, the YRBS response rate was 81 percent.

Parental consent was obtained through local parental permission procedures.

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