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Her folksy southern personality was a hit in Urbane, Seattle, with fans often wearing Dunn masks and quoting her rustic aphorisms. Dunn left the Storm just as it was starting to have success.New superstars Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird led the team to the 2002 playoffs, where they were swept by the Los Angeles Sparks.

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SLa��deki A�o AYu miyofasya di AYer kardinal meridyenlere (SBL, SFL, LL) ve Deep Back Arm Linea��a kat A�l A�r. ral kompansasyon paternleri, omuz sorunlar A�n A�n yan A� s A�ra, genellikle omuzlar protrakte, retrakte, eleve veya yuvarlakla AYm A�AY olan kol ve el problemlerine yol a A�ar. m i A�in spiral ve deep front linelar A�n A�n yan A� s A�ra kardinal linelara bakmam A�za neden olan g A�AYA? Bu linelar di AYer linelara, A�zellikle helical linelara – Lateral, Spiral ve Fonksiyonel Linea��lara -kesintisiz olarak ba AYlan A�r. FUNCTA�ONAL LA�NES Functional linea��lar A�o AYunlukla y A?

ral ve destek bozukluklar A�ndan sonra zamanla ortaya A�A�kar. Bu patern az yayg A�n olmasada A�zellikle A�nde A�aprazlama yaparken spiral line yada di AYer linelar ile ba AYlant A�l A�d A�r. rece functional line tek ba AYA�na problem A�A�karmaz.

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    He writes articles and columns about DVD for publications such as Widescreen Review and serves as Chairman of the IDMA/DVD Association.