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Tiie electrical division has installed LIST lights. Tiie machine shop and 1 foundry have done n van amount of j work this year In connection witli the J now heating plant and water-works, j and the keeping in rep-air of six steam ' engines located on tho grounds besides i tiie repair work for ;i large area of country, there being no other machine !

Five were graduated in agriculture, one In tinsmlth-Ing, one In harness making and carriage trimming, three in dressmaking, one in tailoring, one In dentistry, six In laundering and cooking, one in cooking, one in laundering, two in nurse training, one In sawmllllng, one in blacksmithing. One of the features of this school Is the manner In which all are provided for. They receive pay for the work that they perform and an account of it is kept by the treasurer. Another feature of the last year was the completion of a library building. it Is also the product of the Tuskegee pupils ami tcnciiers. The printing office did over SS.000 worth of work during the year and made a profit to the school of nearly 0 over all expenses. The students have paid in labor, toward their expenses, S7S.231.il7, in cash $in, S17.70.

It is not necessary to have money at the beginning. At the beginning the students work In the day time and attend school at night. After awhile the balance of the student becomes large enough for him to attend school in the daytime. It has been named the Cannegie Library and cost .n. The plans for the building were drawn by a Tuskegee graduate, the brick and woodwork were made by the students, and, in fact, the building stands as a monument to the brain and muscle of the factllly and students. These are some of the larger undertakings of the school. This year the pupils manufactured 2.12S.223 bricks. The bricklayers and plasterers have done a business covering .? The brick-making for the svhool and surrounding country now re-cpilres the constant operation of two large machines, capable of over 20,000 bricks each per day, and one yard, operated by hand.

They are taught trades and professions at that school and are generally prepared to hold their own when they ari thrown upon their own resources. Wa.s5)ing:on, believes that tile day when they will be established in every State is aot far off. One of the events of the last year was the return of Prof. He was accompanietl by three Tuskegee graduates, and they spent the time in teaching co'tnn culture to the natives. They sawed from the logs 200.000 feet of lumber, a large part of which has been worked up into furniture, wagons, buggies, wheelbarrows and house trimmings of various kinds. Miss Edith Klrwan made an unusually pretty and attractive Dorothy, while Miss Josephine Kellv, Miss Carrie Swift and Miss Blanche Gordon were also excellent.

At the annual commencement exercises held on May there were thirty-five graduates. One of the graduates founded a similar school and sixty colored men and women have been graduated from tills school Another graduate founded a school on a plantation in, Wiloox county. The work was done under the patronage of the German Government. Calloway was enthusiastically received in Africa, and he addressed gatherings at every opportunity and told them of the plans of the Ttiskege-e school. They cut 2r.o.000 laths and dressed .11',".-000 feet of lumber. A great deal of labor has gone to the f;irm and miscellaneous work of the school.

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