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That won’t solve anything and it will just make the situation worse.Basically, you’re very resentful that your parents are helping out your sister and they aren’t helping you, but it sounds like your sister has actually ASKED for help and you have not, right?I don’t know how to bring this up in a way that won’t result in a huge fight or falling out with my parents (particularly with my mother, who has always favored my sister over me), since my parents have kept me in the dark about how much they are assisting my sister and have not expressed any intention to amend their wills to reflect a more equitable division of their assets.At the end of the day, I don’t NEED money from my parents.I guess my point is that we get ourselves into a world of hurt when we start equating money — or, especially the dispersing of money — with love/ the expression of love.Money can certainly buy a certain level of security and it can make things easier. It can ruin relationships and create mountains of resentment.

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But if this particular issue is indicative of a larger issue, then it really just seems to be about your sister receiving what you don’t feel comfortable asking for yourself and you equating that thing — financial assistance, in this case — with love, which is really unfair.

It’s also unfair to assume that all things are equal and that your parents are somehow required to share their assets equally with you and your sister once they die.

I feel like I should address this with my parents, especially since when they re-did their wills two years ago they informed me that their assets will be equally divided between my sister and me, which doesn’t take into account the considerable financial gifts they have given to her while they are still with us.

Just because I manage my finances responsibly doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be incredibly helpful to receive some financial assistance every now and again, particularly since it would allow me and my husband to start a family much sooner than otherwise.

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