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A man might try to cope with his depression by working all the time, drinking too much, or isolating himself from others, notes Mayo

Think back to your boyfriend's moods over the previous month to see if you recognize a pattern of this type of depressed behavior.

More than 6 million men in the United States suffer from depression each year, according to 2012 information provided by Web MD.

While depression in women is often characterized by sadness and lack of self-worth, a depressed man might become irritable, angry and/or aggressive.

No previous editions, including the 27th edition of the Nestle-Aland text, will be sufficient.

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Retreat to your own personal space or activity to allow your boyfriend time to sort out his feelings.

It's easy for dating sites to boast the biggest numbers but that's no good to you if they all live miles away.

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After a while, I wouldn't mind moving out to an acreage in the country.

I'll make enough money that my wife won't have to work Hi, I have never really tried the online thing, but who knows. Someone who would like to join me in my walk with Christ. I love myself and my life, would just like to find someone to share it with.

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