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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) investigation data includes 50 workplace accidents in the last ten (10) years that resulted in a workplace injury or fatality and involved an ATV.As ATV use increases in the workplace, employers and employees can reduce the risk of injury by modifying work practices, operating ATVs within manufacturer's limitations, wearing helmets, and obtaining vehicle-specific training.OSHA's investigation also showed that the decrease in ATV stability was compounded when the ATV was driven up a hill on rough terrain.

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Modifications to an ATV may alter its performance and increase the potential for an accident.Although the majority of all-terrain vehicle (ATV)-related injuries and deaths occur during recreational use, ATV use in America's workplaces is widespread and increasing, particularly in the agricultural industry.Injury and fatality statistics for ATV recreational use may provide some information about likely trends in the workplace.About 46 percent (23 of 50) of the occupational injuries and fatalities OSHA investigated (1990 - 2003) occurred when the ATV overturned.According to the investigation reports, operators overturned as a result of excessive speed, unstable load, rough terrain, and excessive incline.

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