Men answer dating

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Javi: I'm friends with all my exes so I wouldn't call any of them crazy.

And we all go through that at some point or another.

Dean: Most of the time I'm sleeping, if not then I'm in bed watching TV and will most likely fall asleep.

As I said, I'm not into the whole online dating thing.

And it isn't just in messages; it's on actual dates. Interestingly, many men who show no interest in their dates will still ask to see them again, so it doesn't necessarily boil down to a lack of attraction.

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Sure sometimes I'll pay for the date, but other times there is a genuine feel of sharing the bill. Dean: I'm always happy to pay for dates and always will. It is nice, however, to split the bill once in a while. Brad: I have never had one, but I'd probably spend a couple hours on it and then never use it. As long as it's concise and doesn't have any shirtless mirror pics or photos with tigers. But I admit, it is nice when a girl reaches for her purse. But, like, 99% of the time it's because we're playing Xbox or something and are up to a really hard bit. Javi: Clingy is when someone demands to know your whereabouts 24/7, asks a ton of questions, and gets angry when you're honest. This sounds cliched and dumb, but you know it in your heart. Although I don't really understand the dressing up fancy thing. You can go to a nice restaurant in a T-shirt and jeans and fuck anyone else that gets bothered by that. And often times this is the first sign that the two of you aren't really a great match. Some nights I'll wanna chill at home, and other times go out to dinner.

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