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And what was either a publicity stunt, or a desperate attempt last year at meeting a suitable guy online failed miserably.She went out on dates with two divorced guys identified as Larry, an international steel trader, and Stan, a filmmaker.She was angry that he had gotten sick, actually angry at him, and was punishing him.It was shocking and disturbing.'Tatlock told Oppenheimer that she had witnessed other instances of verbal abuse of Andy by Martha and had initially dismissed it as 'just Martha being mad at the world.

At one of those parties, Martha was spotted on the lap of one of her husband's law firm colleagues who was quoted in the book stating, "There was a lot of chemistry going both ways between Martha and me back then. At that stage of my life I had a history of being involved with challenging women, so maybe that was part of our thing.'It takes two to tango and the book also states that Andy, too, had been unfaithful during the tumultuous marriage.In an exclusive interview with Mail Online, Oppenheimer, who published his New York Times Bestseller in 1997, says, "I was shocked and surprised that Martha is still looking for a man in her life after having a terrible history through the years with men.'In writing 'Just Desserts,' dozens of close friends and family members described to me how she had grown up in a family ruled by a mean-spirited father, and how in a way she showed herself to be both a man-chaser and a man-hater, a driven and ambitious woman who played fast and loose in business and even in her marriage.Martha Kostyra, a beautiful Jersey girl from a staunch Roman Catholic, middle-class Polish-American family married part-Jewish Yale University Law student Andy Stewart in July 1961, Unlike the Kostyras, Stewart's was upscale.'Martha and I were driving to the apple orchard in her truck, and I was unburdening myself to her because it was the end of my marriage.I had no relationship with my husband at that time, and Martha said to me, much to my amazement, Social climber: Martha's father was a gym teacher and salesman who died in 1979. You can have him." Can you imagine her offering her husband?

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