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However, her name comes in the list of few WWE divas who were successful to shine in a short period of time.Long toned legs, Shapely thighs and breasts, hot cherry shaped booty, appealing green eyes, well maintained weight (130 lbs.), nicely managed long hair ( natural color brown, now raid haired to dark purple) and winsome vixen face are all ingredients of her high physical sex appeal.Fans were already surprised by the management decision to change Maria, who was a fan favorite face character, to a heel (2009), and then when she was released in early 2010, fans couldn’t believe the decision. However, she was a hot property and everyone expected WWE to renew her contract. From Maria's point of view, WWE released her because she wanted to do something outside the ring and because of selling-rights issues.Many of WWE's fans thought WWE heads lost their minds when 2009's WWE Diva of the year, Maria got released in 2010. So, what happens is if you are a WWE superstar and you are not few exceptions such as John Cena, you will get released or fired if you try to pursue aspirations other than wrestling.And to gain more details of her professional life (wrestler, singer and valet), you can got to her Wikipedia's biography.

Infact, her grandparents were originally from Sparta, an ancient Gree city with immense fighting heritage.When it comes to the marks of the WWE Universe, “who’s dated who?” is a query that’s quickly becoming a standard one.Unfortunately, Maria and the Bella sisters (WWE stars and Total Divas main casts) previously had an inverse chemistry, but now we have been hearing they have moved on from the past issues.From what Maria has claimed previously, Bella twins were the ones who blocked her 2013's WWE return.

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