Major events pre dating 1750

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But as our correspondent advised, we must not allow our expectations to be aroused overmuch …

that is to say that the informed follower of our LORD must quietly observe and fervently hope for the outcome that we know is certain to come – that is, be patient ... It is as if He is willing and determined to allow the intentions of the worldly adversaries of Israel to make their case so clearly evident that even the most disinterested and least-studious observer will be able to see the distinct direction of all these insults, and their ultimate affront to YHVH’s prophesied destiny for His newly-regathering People, Israel, in their future Promised Land.

The legal implications of this UNSC Resolution can only move the disputing parties closer to open hostility – a move that is never very far away from reality.

And the ultimate winner has already been proclaimed in holy writ – Israel and its beloved People – hands down!

Iran was allowed to retain the infrastructure of its military nuclear program as well as (to) continue to develop ballistic missiles, with the help of an infusion of 0 billion in US and European sanctions relief.

additional encroachments upon the Jewish State from any quarter …Although the threat to Israel from Hamas in the Gaza Strip has seemed to diminish in the last several months, the threat from Hezbollah in Lebanon is still simmering.That Iran-backed terrorist organization is reported to have over an hundred thousand missiles ready to launch against Israel in case of hot conflict.While the world is expecting to see a new President inaugurated in the White House, it may be surprised if a new leader appears on the scene in the Middle East.Whether events are leading to the Lord’s return at this juncture, we do not know and must not allow our expectations to be aroused overmuch; but I would be surprised if some event of significance does not occur.

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