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This paper will not discuss basic rebuilding sequences, nor will I discuss operations involving machining operations and other severe alterations to the carb.There are many books on the market that deal with these subjects in depth.

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This paper will discuss the tuning and setup, and will provide you with adequate data to make good decisions when jetting and adjusting the carb.Thus a jet with a diameter of .070 has a metering area of: Radius = diameter Radius = .035#61552;.0352 = .00384Thus, the metering area of a #70 jet is 3.84 thousands of a square inch. There is a rod inserted into the jet, so we must subtract the area of the rod. The area of the rod is: Radius = diameter Radius = .020#61552;.0202 = .00125Thus, the area that a #40 rod plugs off is 1.25 thousands of a square inch.The resulting metering area of the #70/#40 combination is thus 3.84 minus 1.25.Rather, I will describe the various systems, their purpose, and a good tuning sequence to help you get each system and parameter set up correctly in the easiest way possible.Quadra Jet carbs have three basic tuning variables, and these get people all confused: Primary Metering Jet, Primary Metering Rod, and Secondary Metering Rod.

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