Loner dating

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So, sooner or later, a healthy loner changes to fit the world.

If not, skip to the part where you organize a place and time to meet – like I did.They all turned out to screw me over, one by one in a number of different ways in varying degrees.Then when I started having major success, they all tried to come back into my life, but by then I had decided that I did'nt really want a lot of people hanging around in my life.The first thing I think is helpful is to know why it is that you like being alone. Just remember it is better to be a loner who goes out and actually occasionally meets people than it is to be a loner behind the computer at home alone... I don`t think there is such a thing as a `loner`....If you're a loner but don't have the answer as to why you enjoy it; then I think there maybe a reason for concern. You don't necessarily have to change, but it would be interesting for you to quietly explore yourself. You just lack the skills necessary to interact with people.... I have sooooo many friends because my skills at interacting are top notch...

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