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Moreover, filing a complaint against abusive parents or siblings could endanger LGBT persons, making it very unlikely that such abuse gets reported.

Iranian laws give parents extensive discretion in disciplining their children.

The report contains a thorough examination of discriminatory provisions in the IRI's Islamic Penal Code, as well as numerous witness accounts from LGBT persons about the persecution and discrimination they faced in Iran. Treatment of Homosexual Acts under Shari’a law 2.1.1. Difference in Treatment of Active and Passive Partners in Sodomy 2.1.3. Treatment of LGBT Persons and Homosexual Acts under Current Iranian law 3.1. Shima, a male to female Iranian transsexual interviewed for this report, stated that after being arrested at a party, the transsexuals at the party were specifically told not to gather in large numbers.

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Although exact statistics are unavailable, some sources claim that hundreds of people have been executed for homosexual acts since the founding of the IRI in 1979. Lack of Protection against Abuse of LGBT Persons by Family Members 5.6.1. The newest version of the Islamic Penal Code was implemented in 2013, and it will be in effect for at least five years. LGBT persons are also subject to torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatments or punishments in violation of international law. Lack of Clear Distinction between Rape and Sodomy in the Islamic Penal Code 5.3. LGBT persons living in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) face discrimination and prejudice on a daily basis. Executions after the Revolution to the Present 5.2. When his brother discovered Farshid was gay, they got into a physical fight. The official reason given in his dismissal letter was “incompatibility with Islamic mores in the university.”[2] Unfortunately Farshid’s story is not unique.

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