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LANDAU: Because vampirism can be used to explore the human condition in such a wide variety of ways, it speaks to and reflects so many aspects of our natures.For Joss Whedon, the metaphor for BUFFY was high school as a nightmare, and ANGEL explored addiction. Her daughter died of leukemia, a blood disease, so she wrote INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE with a child vampire who wouldn’t die.DEVERILL WEEKES: I grew up in England, so it’s kind of around you from birth. Every summer, they would show a season of horror movies.The first was always the 1932 DRACULA, and it was so dreamlike and magical, I just wanted to enter the film and live there.

Then we thought, why not take these interviews and write our own short films to link each chapter together?Most people feel that it is the transience of life that makes it beautiful. I was interested in the elements that made her human and multidimensional.FANG: Did playing Drusilla teach you more about vampires, or about madness? FANG: Do you believe vampirism and madness in fictional vampires complement each other or are separate issues? There are many sane vampire characters—well, if you count killing people and drinking blood as sane activities. FANG: What do each of your backgrounds give you as a filmmaker? I have an understanding of how I want the set to run. I always say I am Burt Ward to her Adam West—or rather, in this case, Renfield to her Dracula.FANG: Did you come up with a structure first, or based that around the interviews?LANDAU: We had a structure in mind, but as with all documentaries—and really, all movies in general—the footage speaks to you and tells you what it needs to be. FANG: In working on A PLACE AMONG THE UNDEAD, have you found there is a common reason people are fascinated by vampires, or does it vary?

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