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But so far, Vermont farmers haven’t seen any deportation raids.

Gregorio Recent estimates suggest there are around 1,400 foreign-born Latino workers and their families here.

And our inquiry is driven by a question from Hannah Lindner-Finlay, of Westminster West.

Hannah asked this question because she realized there was a whole part of Vermont’s story that she just doesn’t know much about.

John Gooden, who travels from Jamaica to work at Harlow Farm in Westminster, doesn’t even like that word, migrant. And [they] say, ‘Oh, these guys are legal.’” John is authorized to work at this organic farm — he has an H-2A visa, which allows for foreign workers to do seasonal agricultural work.

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He gets an hour-long break around dinnertime, and then he's back on again until midnight. on a Friday morning, and Gregorio is still groggy-eyed with sleep."And I think both there is a little more in the area we've moved back to, and I'm just more aware of thinking about it." Subscribe to : Loading...This episode is not meant to be an exhaustive account of Vermont’s migrant labor economy, or its challenges or shortcomings. And you’re going to hear pretty quickly that being a “migrant worker” is not a one-size-fits-all experience. “They give us a little piece of paper, so if the cops stop us on the road, you can show the paper.“So it's only on Saturday afternoons when I get to play soccer.” Saturdays are his days off. I'm just here at the house, listening to music, talking to my mom on the phone, sometimes, not every week.” Overall, Gregorio says he likes living in Vermont.The money is far more than he could make in Mexico. It's isolating, to always have to be here, at the ranch.

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