Is randy harrison dating anyone

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On each episode of The Teacher's Lounge, we'll sit down with someone who's transforming marketing and sales higher education. Today, we'll be talking to Randy Harrison, a senior member of the affiliated faculty at Emerson College.He teaches several courses in the communications department within the integrated marketing framework. You've got a very passionate and thoughtful perspective on teaching marketing.

And he framed it-- that bell curve that he uses called the technology adoption lifecycle. And if you can deliver on that chance, you've done it. But what I realized, I had to take a fellowship program to break into tech.

He attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, which features its students in a showcase for agents each spring. “But I love rehearsing and really examining a script.

One who saw him there told him that an upcoming series called “Queer as Folk” needed a young man to play a teen. And in TV, you’re sometimes given new lines 20 minutes before filming, and you’re suddenly facing someone you’ve never met before, let alone rehearsed with.” So look for more theater work from Harrison.

And next thing you know, Philip Glass is spending 10 minutes on "The Big Mattress," which for love nor money I could never have afforded, talking with Philip Glass. I mean, that was good, and it's bad because when the going got tough, and people were looking to find out what was marketing doing for me-- when the CEOs of major companies were asking that key question-- there was no clear answer. So and he had gotten his MBA from, I think, Wharton or something like this. And we went out and had a drink, just impromptu on the fly. And along the way, when we really parsed this whole thing out, he says, you know, Randy, you've really made an excellent decision for yourself. Everything else is meaningless if you don't have these two ingredients. That was one of your big takeaways from working in tech, but any other ones?

But part of the problem is, I think, that marketing itself-- that's like saying, I'm in medicine. We, marketers, are terrible marketers for ourselves. And we started talking about our different career paths at the time. I had wanted to work in the music-- work with music, work with more eclectic types of music-- jazz, dance, things like that-- and build audiences with an older, more sophisticated audience. And he was talking about investment banking and how cool that was going to be to make a lot of money. One of the things that I really got into in tech were methodologies.

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