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I found out, the hard way, that my family doctor, while extremely good, did not have the expertise in mental health issues and medications.I was misdiagnosed for years and attempted suicide many times.I do go to a psychiatrist but never has he asked to look at my medical records.Therefore, my search continues for the best, safest, anti-depressant for elderly.

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I thought tricyclic drugs bypased the serontonin uptake pain the the gut. Medications have side effects...exercise doesn't, for the most part.

It was only after seeing a psychiatrist that I was correctly diagnosed and put on the correct meds..did take a bit to find the right ones..I have been symptom free since 2002.

We wrote a couple of good posts on Shrink Rap about how a psychiatrist chooses an antidepressant, expanding on Leslie's excellent response above. I take your point about exercise, but depression and exercise is a two-way street.

:) Especially enjoy getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine! I'd suggest that you visit a psychiatrist instead of a general practitioner.

A psychiatrist specializes in medication management for mental health issues such as depression.

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